40 something writer and mother from Brooklyn, Anika Lani, dishes out yippity-yap on today’s news and pop culture with her producer and co-host, singer/songwriter Anthony Valdes. So listen up, you’re taking Honeyology.

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    #11 Special Guests Akaria & Justine, Candles, Cultural Appropriation

    We head back downtown to BRIC Arts Media to bring in TWO guests. Justine Ouano, owner of Crown Lights Candles, and Akaria Gale, writer of the fantasy/sci-fi series “Awakening”. The 4 friends discuss candles and what it means to have throw, and then get a little heavy with cultural appropriation.

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    #8 Watching Movies, Sad Magic, Tash Sultana

    The duo this episode discuss watching and going to the movies. How it’s changed, how people get their own magic out there, and how as always it’s a little bit of luck.

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    #7 Blockbuster, Doin' it for the Gram, Daniel Caesar

    Anika and Anthony are back in the studio in Crown Heights and chat. it. up. about Blockbuster, renting movies, their opinions on doin’ it for the gram, and the #PlaneBae controversy.

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    #6 We Went to The Movies!

    This week, Anika is off on her well deserved vacation and Anthony went to see Dave Matthews in the rain, but before all this excitement... the duo set out for the streets of Upper West Side to record their thoughts before and after the film "Sorry to Bother You" starring Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Terry Crews, Danny Glover, and so many more. This is the first feature film written and directed by rapper Boots Riley. This film is weird and the duo were a bit scared... If you saw it then COMMENT! Tell us what you thought and maybe explain it to us. Comment in your the podcast app or email us at earnestkid@gmail.com We need you to help us.

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    #5 The Music Episode

    On the latest episode we get you ready for the summer (which we realize has already begun) and we shine a light on some great tunes. We talk about the latest releases, to who’s gonna be at Afropunk (Anthony would love a free ticket), and Anika shows Anthony songs he’s never heard of.

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    #3 London, Wild Wild Country, Ian Matthews

    This week we talk a little about Anthony's honeymoon in London, the documentary series on Netflix Wild Wild Country, and get into the discussion of cults. Drink of the Episode: Royal Breakfast Black Tea from The East India Company. End with a Song: "Man In the Station" by Ian Matthews from the 1978 album "Stealing Home".

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    #2 Childish Gambino, Kanye, Dave Matthews Band

    This week we discuss Childish Gambino’s latest single and video, the fact Kanye needs a hug from a professional cuddler, and we play a a bit of the latest single from Dave Matthews Band.

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